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Closet Organization

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

One of the most common spaces everyone hopes to get organized in their home is their closet. With a few simple changes you can transform your closet into a elegantly organized space.

It's so satisfying to have a closet that you can feel like you're shopping in every day as you get dressed. Waking up and selecting the ideal outfit with little to no hassle because everything is so organized.

Step One: Edit

Go through your wardrobe and remove the pieces that no longer serve you. To big, too small, or simply never liked it, then it's time to go. Pay attention to items you really like. Take this time to establish your style by focusing on pieces that inspire or speak to you. Anything else which simply doesn't fit you physically or your style, donate to someone who will be are to use it.

Step Two: Pack away seasonal items

Being in Florida, we have like two seasons - Slightly hot and HOT. So we may not need to pa k away our summer clothes. After all we go to the beach all year long, so out beach shorts are always out. However if you are in a more seasonal climate create a spot in your closet for clothing you may not need for the current season. Great items for this are the vacuum ziploc bags or a large bin.

Step Three: Sort

Sort clothing by type and/or color. For example categorize ladies tops by sleeve length tank tops to short sleeved all the way to longer sleeved tops. Put tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets or suits together. You may also sort by color to create a cool rainbow effect. You may also sort clothes by Type- such as gym clothes vs work vs church clothes.

Step Four: Spacial Planning

This is where you will need to take a step back. Take an overview of the size of your actual closet, and lay out a plan of how you will be stocking the space. A crowded closet is never appealing so you may even have to scale back on clothes more or find somewhere else to house some of your pieces, such as a dresser or wardrobe. This I ssf also where yuh ou decide what additional storage solutions you will need for your closet.

Step Five: Bins and Things

If you had any previous bins or closet storage solutions, you can incorporate into your closet to pack away the items now. Once you have incorporated these items, then you may also choose to get other organization solutions to make your closet even more beautiful.

Here are a couple items you may incorporate to help organize your closet.

Step Six: Enjoy and Maintain

Hopefully your closet is now much lighter, super organized, and hopefully a pretty close representation of your style. This is where you can enjoy your closet and the contents.

However, don't forget to do a closet cleanse and edit at least every 6 months and stick to the rule of "One item in, one item out" i.e. for every new shirt you get, you remove one old shirt which no longer serves you.

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