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5 Reasons De-cluttering is a Challenge

So today I want to talk about some of the common reasons I have found that people find de-cluttering hard. We generally know that we have too much junk, but we have developed such an attachment to these things that when it comes time to part ways with those items, we either push that task to the side. Our attachment to our items can be superficial but many times its deeply psychological.

So lets look into some of the reasons it may be difficult to dump the junk.

1. Attaching your self worth to items

So one of the big reasons I find is that through the years we have accumulated items in our life and for some of us it becomes a symbol of a) who we are, b) how successful we are and c) how 'wealthy' we are. We see our possessions as the reflection of what we have accomplished and letting go of that becomes a challenge of letting go of what we own vs who we are.

2. Sentimentality

So often we hang on to things unnecessary to our current life just because we feel guilty letting it go. I was recently asked by a young single mother whether she should hold on to her grandmother's china and silverware. Although she almost never entertains, never uses the china herself, has her own set o dishware, and has almost no room in here small apartment to keep them. We have to understand that while we love and cherish the story behind the item, we certainly have to keep if it just going to gather dust.

3. We don't want to relive a moment

Clutter comes in many forms and sometimes it's items we continue have pushed to the back of a closet because it holds memories of a time we would rather forget. We don't want to deal with it so its hidden away in a box for the day we have the nerve to rehash it.

4. Hope

Hope. "Oh I hope to one day use that set of garden shears...although I haven't done any gardening in the past 3 years" , or "I know I have gained/lost 15 pounds but I really like that dress. maybe one day it will it again." . These are common statements we say to ourselves or anyone who may ask us as an excuse o why we cant toss an item. We aren't using it today, tomorrow, nor may we ever use in the next year. Its simply taking up space.

5. We just don't have the time

Sometimes we are quite aware of all the reasons to purge, all the benefits of minimizing our possessions; but when it comes time to put it all into action we become overwhelmed, or we are simply so caught up in our day to day schedules that there is no time to tackle that crazy broom closet full of junk.

The important thing to remember is not to get bogged down by an excuse to start on your purging own journey. Start with small areas and for short periods o time. For instance work on your bathroom cabinet one afternoon then maybe your bedroom closet over a weekend. Slow changes can begin to make a world o difference. Remember that things do not define you nor is a memory rapped up in silverware (or any thing else really).

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