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Why do I even need a Professional Organizer?!

“I can do it all by myself!”. I have a toddler and those are her favorite words. No matter how big the task is, she has an innate need to do it “by herself”. Many of us are like that, we can do it all too.

If we are honest, even with our best efforts, we become overwhelmed and simply cannot get a handle on everything. In many cases, tidying your home falls to the bottom of the list.

People have a general misconception that Professional Organizers only work with hoarders. This is simply not true. Let's take a look into some of the reasons the average person may need an Organizer.

This does not come naturally to you

Take the individual whose home is always chaotic. Clothes are most always strewn on the floors, dishes in the sink, and mail is collecting on the counter. For some people, organization is not their best talent, so having someone do the dirty work is invaluable.

You don’t have the time

Take the busy working Mom who works close to 80 hours a week (or maybe it just feels like 80 hours/week). When she gets home, there is no time to cook, do laundry, let alone put away the clean laundry, tidy her home and spend time with her family. Although she may know how to organize she simply doesn't have the time, and a small corner of disorganization slowly grows to cover the whole house.

The stay-at-home mom needs a help too. Many people assume stay-at-home mothers have all the time in the world and this couldn't be further from the truth. Being a stay-at-home mom is a full time job in itself. They have the pressure of getting the children up and off to school on time, or taking care of a young child at home, running errands, picking up the older kids, then meal preparation….and the list goes on. Some of these amazing women hardly have time to sit down for 20 minutes, let alone organize a closet.

You recently moved

The stress of moving is enough to drive anyone crazy. By the time you get to your new place, you are so over it. So, you unpack the basics, and now there are six unpacked boxes in your garage… ten months later. Many Professional Organizers offer unpacking services and we will find a place in your new home for everything, or offer to sell/donate/trash what you no longer want or need.

You have too much stuff

You may not be a hoarder, but maybe you realize that you simply have things in your closet you need to get rid day. Well, instead of waiting for 'one day' (which may never come), how about you get someone to help. A Professional Organizer can help you make decisions to downsize and will even get rid of the things you don't keep. That means no hauling things off to Goodwill. WIN!

Now we have covered the “Why”, let's look at the “Why not”.

This is not in my budget

Everyone's budget differs, but think of this as an investment in your family and yourself. Think of it as an investment in your sanity too! Whether you don't have the time or the ability to organize your home, why should you have to deal with your tupperware falling out of your cabinets for one more day, just because you don't have the time to address it!

What will people think

Although we try to be modern superwomen, who can do it all, and still be the homemaker everyone expects us to be, its hard to juggle it all. Sure dad and the kids can help out, but sometimes their idea of a job well done isn't good enough. As I mentioned earlier, sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. That's why it isn't a bad idea to pick up dinner instead of cooking every night, or visiting a manicurist instead of polishing your own nails. It gives you a chance to still provide for your family or gives you a moment to relax. To be honest I'm sure your friend won't judge you. If fact they might need organizing help too.

I already have a cleaning crew

Organizers and cleaners do complement each other. However there are many organizing tasks which are outside of the scope of what a general house cleaner does.

A Professional Organizer is only going to judge me

Most people think their space is the most disorganized area EVER! Most people are wrong of course. It is rarely as bad, or as disorganized as you think, and most Professional Organizer are not there to criticize you, or tell why you are wrong. Instead most Organizers genuinely want to help, and are there to make your area neat again, provide encouragement and tips on how to prevent you from becoming disorganized in the future, in a judgement free zone. Besides, think of all the disorganization we have seen, we are generally not intimidated by a little clutter.

Your home should be an oasis - you shouldn't be tripping over clothes and toys at the end of the day. Whether you need a total overhaul of your home or periodic maintenance, it's a good idea to consider a Professional Organizer. Take a look at my services page, or those of a Professional Organizer near you, to find the best plan for you.

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